Michael Moore

Born in Zimbabwe around the middle of the previous century, Michael Moore’s passion for art was inspired during his early twenties. After him and his wife moved to South Africa in the early 1980′s the couple established an art gallery (African Artmosphere), showcasing the work of artists from around the continent. Although Moore initially had little time to paint as well as to run the gallery with his wife, he has recently been able to re-ignite his love for painting, becoming a successful artist himself in the process. Indeed, his work has become some of the fastest selling amongst the African Artmosphere artists.

Moore’s style is lively and often full of colour. His paintings depict African life in water colours and oils, often on handmade paper to increase the textural appeal of the artwork. Moore’s impressive ability to keep updating his style and to remain dynamic in his work is surely one of the traits that sets him apart from other artists like him.

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'Jazz' Michael Moore

'Jazz' 35 x 45cm, PRICE:$160

'Dancing Angels' Michael Moore

SOLD 'Dancing Angels' 35 x 45cm, PRICE:$160

'Dancers' Michael Moore

'Dancers' 35 x 45cm, PRICE:$160

'Bushman art' Michael Moore

'Bushman art' 35 x 45cm, PRICE:$130